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Quality You Can Trust

We stand behind the quality and efficacy of every one of our products because we sustainably and meticulously source the best ingredients globally, using excipient-free manufacturing processes, 100% solvent-free, vegan-friendly capsules, and conducting rigorous testing on each batch.

We proudly maintain certification through independent quality verification organizations, including NSF, USP, Organic, Kosher, and Non-GMO verified. We strive for purity, potency, efficacy, and transparency in sourcing and manufacturing authenticated through third-party testing.

Our Story

In 1987, Dr. Marshall, PhD, CCN, and his partner, Dr. Linda Forbes, DC, L.Ac., CCN, established Premier Research Labs to provide reliable access to unadulterated, high-quality supplements from energetically charged ingredients that can positively enhance health and overall vitality.

We uphold their vision through our commitment to premier quality and innovative formulas for holistic wellness.

Our Process

We manufacture all our supplements in the USA, source the highest quality ingredients globally, ensure their integrity in every product, reject compromises, and consistently develop new products using cutting-edge research and technology. 

Join us in our commitment to excellence and innovation, driving the future of nutritional science forward.

News & Updates

American ginseng capsules
American Ginseng
American Ginseng: A Natural Boost for Your Active Lifestyle
3 days ago

American Ginseng capsules promote stress management, immune system, cognitive, sexual health, and energy support.*

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