Quality Guarantee

Certainly, no practitioner or manufacturer ever wants to experience a “stock-out” of any item. However, we’d like to address a greater concern that is now affecting every supplement manufacturer in the nutritional industry today.

That concern is the issue of sourcing consistently high quality raw materials on a regular basis. When a company’s product is scheduled to be re-made, sometimes no high quality raw materials are available worldwide. To deal with this problem, some companies may choose to substitute an inferior raw material in a product in order to avoid a stock-out. In contrast, PRL has chosen to provide ONLY high quality raw materials in every one of its products … every time that product is made.

Although PRL cannot promise you that we will never experience another stock-out, we have chosen to put our name and reputation on the line -- by delivering truly premier quality, clinically excellent products with every product batch. We simply will not compromise. Proactively, we are also working very hard to create our own botanical supply lines for consistent acquisition of quality raw materials by developing our own network of botanical growers who meet our high standards. This dynamic solution should help to serve PRL well to avoid future stock-outs due to raw material shortages.

Premier Research Labs is recognized as the world leader in cellular resonant formulations, establishing a high standard in the nutritional industry. PRL’s Quality Control Department includes an advanced, state-of-the-art laboratory staffed with 14 degreed scientists and a sourcing team dedicated to maintaining the high quality and integrity of raw materials that PRL products are known for. Our scientists use scientifically accepted methods of quality control and assurance procedures, using sophisticated laboratory testing methods of raw materials to test for pesticides and non-organic materials, heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead), solvent residues, pathogenic microbiological testing, raw material identity confirmation, moisture content, confirmed potency (when applicable) and more. Recently, our scientists began using highly sophisticated DNA testing equipment (DNA sequencing-based species identification) to confirm the identity of raw materials and to rule out contaminants. Our scientists also use advanced immunoassay analysis to test production equipment to ensure high efficacy in the cleaning of allergenic materials before each production run. PRL’s uncompromised network of research and development technologies offers you and your patients the most progressive nutritional innovations and strategies in the industry today.

Thank you for your personal dedication to your patients to explore effective methods and strategies to promote their optimal health.