A Practitioner's Guide to PRLabs.com

In order for you to begin placing orders on the Premier Research Labs website, you must have your PRLabs.com account activated by your Premier Research Labs account representative. If you have not already done so, please call your representative and ask to be activated.

Once the activation is completed, this page will walk you through setting up your account, in order to fully utilize the functionality of our website.


I order to access your account information, you must log into the Practitioner's Control Panel. Here you can set up:

  • Your address book for shipping purchases to your home, business, or warehouse addresses. 
  • Your Dropship address book for shipping directly to your clients
  • Set up a client to order at retail via your Practitioner account

 Step 1 - Accessing your online account

To start, go to the following url:

https://prlabs.com/customer/account/login/ and then click on the link Forgot Your Password?

Enter your email in the input box provided (note: you must use the same email address used by your representative to activate your account)  Then press "Submit" button and an email with resetting your password instructions is sent immediately. If you do not see this email please look in your spam and trash folders for it. Some email programs will see this email as spam and block you from seeing it. If you have thoroughly checked your email and cannot find the email then please call your PRL representative for additional help. Once you have setup your new password go back to the log in page and login to access your account settings.

Step 2 - Getting to know your Dashboard.

From your My Account Dashboard you have the ability to view a snapshot of your recent account activity and update your account information. The left column of the page has additional areas you can access in your account. The body of the page is set up into two areas: Your Account Information and Your Address book, these also have quick links on the left side navigation menu. The address book in your Dashboard should be only used for addresses where you will be receiving products. Orders sent to these addresses will have wholesale invoices included in the package.

Step 3 - Setting up Your Account Information

In the account area please take a moment to set up or edit your Contact Information, your default Billing Address, your default Ship to Address, and any additional address that you may want to have products shipped to you to receive.

Step 4 - Getting to know My Orders

The "My Orders" area will display your order history. Clicking on an order will allow you to view the order details including the order status. This area is only fo itemsthat you have ordered.

Step 5 - Getting to know My Clients

In the "My Clients" area you will set up your clients in order to dropship to them, you can also choose to set up your clients to order directly via your account. Client placed orders will be shown in your My Orders page, in order for you to monitor their order history. In the My Clients area you have two options; you can add a new client, or edit an existing client's information. 

  1. Add New Client - Click on the words "Add New Client" in the bottom right corner of the web page, this will take you to the Add New Client page. Complete the Contact Information and Address Information sections. The Address Information you enter is where the order will be shipped when you create a drop ship order for the client. You must check the "Activate Client" option if want your client to be able to place their own orders, the option for email the client is recommended, and the Allow client to see orders I place on their behalf is at your discretion. When all information has been entered, click on the "Create Client" button in the lower right corner.
  2. Edit Existing Client - Find the client in the list of clients and click on "Edit" in the far right column. You will be taken to the Edit Client page where you can change the Client's Contact and Address information.

Step 6 - Getting to know My Product Reviews

In "My Product Reviews" you can see a list of the products you have reviewed. Click on the product name and you are taken to that product's web page. Click on View Details and you can see your comments and ratings. We love to post your reviews on the product's page and encourage you to rate and review products. Reviews must follow FDA rules and cannot make any claims, we may contact you and ask you to edit you review before we post it to the product's page. 

Step 7 - Getting to know My Wishlist

As you browse prlabs.com you can add products that interest you to your own private wishlist. In the "My Wishlist" section you can review the items you added to the list. Once you add the item to your cart it is automatically removed from your wishlist. 

Step 8 - Getting to know Newsletter Subscription

This feature allows you to sign up for and manage your newsletter subscription.

Step 9 - Getting to know My Out of Stock Subcriptions

www.prlabs.com is designed to not allow backorders on out of stock products. Instead, on the product page you can enter your email address and click on Notify Me button. You will then receive an email when the product is back in stock. In the "My Out of Stock Subscriptions" page you can review the items you have selected to be notified when the product has been replenished.

 Step 10 - Getting to know The Checkout Process

  1. Order Details - Your choice is "I'm ordering these products for my practice" or "I'm ordering these products for one of my clients" If you select "for my practice"' the order is shipped to your address. You can choose from any address you set up under My Account Information. These orders must be shipped to you as the invoice and packing list will reflect your wholesale pricing. If you select "I'm ordering...for one of my clients" you will then be given a drop down list to your client list do you cn choose which client the order is for.
  2. Billing Information -  This section allows you to specify the Billing Address for this order, it must match your credit card account.
  3. Shipping Information - This section allows you to specify the "Shipping Address" for this order. If your billing address and your shipping address are the same you can conveniently check the box for "Use Billing Address."
  4. Shipping Method - This section allows you to select the shipping delivery level of your choice.
  5. Payment Information - Choose Credit Card or Pay by PayPal and fill in the info. Be sure to double check the info, because if the info does not match the credit card, the order will not be completed.
  6. Order Review and Submit

Getting Started

Getting Started
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