Premier Inflammation Protocol

At Premier Research Labs, we understand the importance of addressing inflammation and empowering your client strategies with a comprehensive approach. Our mission is to break the cycle of chronic inflammation by providing you with a whole food, cellular resonant philosophy that supports a healthy inflammatory response.

Our Philosophy is simple:

  • Ensure Premier Quality, so that no Toxic Excipients, Tagalongs, and unwanted adulterants are present in your supplement strategies with your patients. 
  • Leverage Whole Food Strategies to sustain life’s essential matrix 
  • Support the Body’s Cellular BioTerain, to support optimal Cell to Cell Communication 
  • Manifest Cell Health by incorporating Strategies that Nourish the Cell Membrane 
  • Sustain the Digestive Fire to Optimize the Inflammatory Response of the entire body 
  • Elicit Immune Empowerment through Immune Learning, teaching the body a healthy vs nonhealthy immune response  
  • Nourish Organ and Glands of Inflammatory System, such as the Liver, to harmonize the symphony which is the Inflammatory Response 

With Premier Research Labs, you have a partner in your mission to empower your clients towards radiant health. We are here to support you every step of the way, providing you with the tools and strategies you need to help them achieve optimal well-being.

Premier Essentials for Inflammation

We believe in the inherent power of nature to promote healing and provide effective support for inflammation. Our comprehensive Premier Essentials for Inflammation protocol has been meticulously crafted to empower wellness practitioners in enhancing their clients' health and well-being. By implementing this protocol, practitioners gain the tools and knowledge to offer their clients effective solutions and optimal care.

Introducing our exceptional line of Premier Essentials for Inflammation. These groundbreaking formulations have been carefully curated to address inflammation from multiple angles to allow you to embark on a transformative journey alongside your clients and unlock the potential of nature's healing capabilities.

  • Inflammacidin™: This comprehensive formula is a superstar in our lineup. At 15 million PU of total protease activity, Inflammacidin™ offers a high potency, 100% plant based proteolytic enzyme formula clinically designed to target gastrointestinal health and healthy inflammatory response without unwanted side effects. *
  • Deltanol™: Harness the power of delta-tocotrienols with Deltanol™. This superior "21st century vitamin E" formula features delta and gamma tocotrienols, naturally sourced from annatto. These unique forms of vitamin E provide antioxidant protection to support healthy inflammation levels and cardiovascular health.
  • Premier Resveratrol™: Our signature FermExcel-100™ line is an industry first bringing to market probiotic-fermented resveratrol. Derived from Japanese Knotweed, Premier Resveratrol™ is a highly concentrated source of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant designed to promote a healthy inflammatory response, support cardiovascular health, and enhance overall vitality.
  • Premier Fermented Turmeric Plus: Turmeric has long been revered for its anti-inflammatory properties. Premier Fermented Turmeric Plus takes it to the next level by utilizing our FermExcel-100™ Process to achieve a highly absorbable probiotic-fermented organic turmeric rhizome and organic fermented ginger powder. 
  • Liver-ND™: Unleash the power of liver detoxification with our unique, probiotic-fermented formula. This pristine blend features fermented milk thistle seed and fermented organic turmeric rhizome. Experience the rapid delivery and superior bioenergetic properties of ND Technology™, a game-changer for promoting optimal liver health and efficient detoxification.*


SuperStar Inflammacidin

Inflammacidin™ is the superstar in our Premier Essentials for Inflammation lineup, offering a high potency, 100% plant-based proteolytic enzyme formula specifically designed to target gastrointestinal health and support a healthy inflammatory response, all without unwanted side effects. With an impressive 15 million PU of total protease activity, Inflammacidin™ packs a powerful punch. 

Research has shown that high proteolytic activity, such as that found in Inflammacidin™, plays a vital role in supporting a healthy inflammatory response by breaking down proteins. This activity not only promotes healthy platelet function but also provides support for joint comfort. By harnessing the potential of Inflammacidin™, you can unlock the key to a balanced inflammatory response, helping you and your clients achieve optimal wellness. 

Dr. White Webinar

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level and establish a solid foundation for optimal health and healing? We are thrilled to invite you to view our record-breaking online seminar, "Are You Ready for the New Foundation of Health?" featuring the esteemed Dr. Stuart White. 

In this dynamic mentor-to-mentor masterclass event, Dr. White, along with Will Marsh, Director of Sales for Premier Research Labs, will take you on an enlightening journey through the "7 Pillars of Health and Healing." These pillars serve as the framework for establishing a system of sequential bioenergetic upregulation in your practice.  

This is a unique opportunity to learn from two respected leaders in the field and revolutionize your approach to health and healing. Watch this online seminar event today, and dive right into the valuable content and start implementing these principles into your practice. 

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