Sexual Health
Sexual Health

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  1. Adaptogen Supplement

    Plant-based adaptogenic formula featuring Rhodiola, Eleuthero, Maca, Opuntia and more*

    Adaptogen-R3™ Premier Adaptogenic & Stress Support Formula*
  2. American ginseng capsules

    American Ginseng capsules promote stress management, immune system, cognitive, sexual health, and energy support.*

    American Ginseng American Ginseng: A Natural Boost for Your Active Lifestyle
  3. Blood Circulation Supplement

    Comprehensive support for circulation, healthy clotting function and clinically targeting arterial health*

    CircuZyme™ Comprehensive Support for Circulation and Arterial Health*
  4. DHEA 25mg

    Beneficial support for healthy aging, emotional well-being and optimal hormone support*

    DHEA, Premier Premier Emotional Well Being & Optimal Hormone Support*
  5. estro supplement

    Healthy and natural hormone support for women and men with DIM (diindolylmethane)*


    Estro Flavone™ Natural Estrogen Support for Women and Men*
  6. Chaste Tree Supplement

    Full-spectrum botanical formula featuring chaste tree fruit (vitex) for healthy female support*

    Fem Balance-FX™ Premier Female Health Support*
  7. Prostate Supplement

    Broad-spectrum formula with key nutraceutical ingredients to support the prostate gland, urinary tract and urinary flow*

    ProstaVen™ Premier Prostate and Urinary Support*
  8. Menopause Supplement

    Support for normal symptoms of menopause and women's vitality including sexual desire*

    Radiant Woman Advanced Menopause Support*
  9. Testofen Supplement

    Advanced Men's Botanical Sexual Support with Testofen® and LJ100®


    Testosterone Premium Advanced Men's Botanical Sexual Support with Testofen® and LJ100®
  10. Urinary & Prostate Support

    Featuring pristine pollen extract for premier urinary and prostate support* 

    UltraPollen™ Pristine Pollen Extract From Flower Blossoms
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