Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

"To empower every person to access their own limitless health potential through the use of quantum resonance nutraceutical formulations, effective detoxification techniques and lifestyle strategies."

Our Commitment

To deliver uncompromised, integrated strategies to promote outstanding health for every person.

Limitless Health Potential via Quantum Coherence

Premier Research Labs is known internationally as the preeminent manufacturer of premier-quality nutraceutical formulations and super food concentrates without undesirable tag-alongs.

Fully functional coherence of the body's biofield is the new and most comprehensive definition of anti-aging therapy, born out of quantum physics. When quantum coherence is restored to the biofield, the health promoting power of the body is now known to be literally limitless, dwarfing the benefits of mere biochemical manipulation. 

At last, we are at the real frontier of spectacular anti-aging solutions and answers.

Achieving Quantum Coherence

To achieve limitless health via quantum coherence, the frontier of ideal cellular resonance may only be explored from a foundation of quantum-quality nutrients blended into biocompatible formulations that are free of toxic tag-alongs, from conception to consumption. Join us in exploring this new health frontier where limitless health become reality.

Enhanced Cellular Resonance

Our founding principle is to provide quantum-quality nutritional support and advanced lifestyle strategies that can enhance or sustain ideal cellular resonance, thus providing a veritable quantum shift to great health. These quantum strategies serve the highest expectations and needs of healthcare professionals worldwide and their patients, helping each person achieve extraordinary physical, mental and emotional well being.

The Biochemical Model: Limited and Outdated

The quantum physics model of health goes far beyond the biochemical model in supporting or enhancing genetic function. We believe that through restoration of a higher state of coherence to the body's natural biophotonic biofield can the body become capable of achieving a quantum shift in the gene's function and potential. This is because the health promoting power of enhanced biofield coherence is now known to be literally limitless, dwarfing the benefits of mere biochemical manipulation. At last, we are at the real frontier of anti-aging.

The Biochemical Quantum Physics Model: Limitless Health

State-of-the-art breakthroughs are now available that are capable of restoring quantum coherence to many people so they can experience health ben­efits never thought possible in modern times. Let us put aside the old biochemical model and its inherent paradigm restrictions and implement the spec­tacular discoveries possible only with the quantum physics model: the true paradigm defining life and its implications — limitless health.

Acheiving Quantum Coherence

To achieve quantum coherence, all the key components essential to achieving ideal cellular resonance for nutraceutical formulas must be in place. These key components include selecting only quantum-state raw materi­als, ensuring protective handling, creating true phytonutrients biocompaztibility and efficient, protective packaging to keep the phytonutrients intact until it is used.

100% Excipient-Free

At Premier Research Labs, we never compromise on safety, efficacy or quality on any product. We go a quantum leap further by striving to produce products that are 100% excipient-free and made with solvent-free vegetable capsules — never tablets with toxic tag-alongs.

Why Do We Avoid Tablets?

In our entire product line, PRL never uses tablets because the nature of a tablet is that it must of necessity contain some type of excipients — usually highly questionable and often compromising, non-nutritive agents — which we call "toxic tag-alongs." Examples of these undesirable common tableting agents are magnesium stearate, calcium stearate and silicon dioxide (i.e., ground sand). We believe that non-nutritive (i.e., non-food) tableting agents should never be put in products that are meant to be consumed.

In addition, when toxic excipients accompany whole food nutrients, the nutrients can greatly enhance cell access, including access for toxic excipients, whereby even minute amounts of these chemical tagalongs may have far reaching, adverse effects.

Likewise, questionable cream agents such as propyl­ene glycol, parabens, Peg-8 stearate and more can be absorbed and gain cellular access and also create unsuspected adverse systemic effects. PRL is the in­dustry leader in the use of non-toxic, beneficial, "living source" preservatives in our creams and other body care products. In fact, we strive to make each product 100% free of chemo-toxins from conception to the moment of consumption.

Ideal Packaging

Between the time we package a product and the time it is consumed, we¬íve provided a state-of-the-art escort using VioliteTM containers (patent-pending by PRL) that block the range of light known to rancidify fats. In addition, nitrogen-flushing (preceded by our own unique, oxygen-elimination pre-flush sys­tem) and induction sealing (for superior protection) are also used for the ultimate in freshness and preserving high-frequency cellular resonance. 

What's Our Secret?

How can we ensure that we never buy raw materials that are old, poorly grown, pesticided or irradiated? Our advanced, state-of-the-art photoluminescence device is able to quickly screen incoming raw material, so we can quickly identify and eliminate inferior materials. In fact, many raw material suppliers know that they must ship PRL "only the good stuff,"” otherwise we will quickly send it back. Other companies without such advanced technologies may unknowingly accept poorly grown, old or toxic raw materials.

Typical lab testing measures only a very limited number of properties of a phytonutrients. We believe these parameters are incomplete and are not able to capture a comprehensive picture of all aspects of even a single phytonutrient. As a result, inferior raw materials can often pass these tests — but they cannot pass PRL's photoluminescence screen nor can they pass the elegant QRA™ (Quantum Reflex Analysis™) screening which uses a precision kinesiological testing system in which inferior raw materials (or products) can easily be energetically identified. 

Safety, Efficacy, and Quality

Our products are care­fully monitored from the procurement of raw materials stage through final production. We invest extensively in quality control to assure that your patients are receiving maximum benefit from our products, which also helps our professional customers achieve optimal clinical outcomes. This commitment to safety, efficacy, and quality makes Premier Research Labs products a great value at any price — but even a better value when you consider our competitive pricing. 

The Uncompromising Quality

Thousands of health-care professionals have come to trust the uncompro­mising quality of Premier Research Labs and rely on the quality and effectiveness of our products. As one practitioner who specializes in chronic fatigue, told us, "I am so happy to have come across your products. With my chronic fatigue patients, I have found that PRL products are the only ones that really work." 

The Excipient-Free Industry Leader

Working in partnership with our professional practitioner base has helped us become a leader in the nutrition industry. As the excipient-free leader in the nutritional field, we continue to set higher standards for quality. But we also take an active political role in increasing and ensuring the freedom of patient choice in health care as well as providing educational support to the practitioners who share our passion to help patients attain and enjoy their very best health.

Thank you for continuing to inspire us to develop superior healthcare solutions for you and your patients.

 Full Practitioner Support

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