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  1. Coffee, Premier

    Premier Coffee
    Organic Whole Coffee Beans (roasted)

    1 lb/package


  2. magnesium glycinate supplement

    Enhance relaxation and overall vitality with Premier Magnesium Glycinate Caps!

    Magnesium Glycinate Caps Premier Energy Support*
  3. Marine Collagen, Premier
    Marine Collagen, Premier Supports Skin, Joint, and Gut Health
  4. Dead Sea Salt Bath Blend

    Premier generation in cleansing excellence

    Medi-Body Bath® with Red Algae, Seaweed, Minerals, Clay & Essential Oils
  5. bentonite clay powder

    Rapid, Effective Cleansing of Targeted Body Areas*

    Medi-Body Pack® Premier Botanical/Clay Pack with Marine Vegetation
  6. Sea Salt Bath

    Premier foot soak or whole body soak

    Medi-Soak® Premier Bath Salts Formula with ocean-rich sea vegetation
  7. Cold Pressed Castor Oil

    Organic castor oil, for use with castor oil packs, as well as skin softening and nourishment


    Organic Castor Oil, Premier Softens and Nourishes Skin
  8. essential oil blend (tridosha)

    Selected organic essential oils in a base of organic castor oil

    QC Oil Blend Quantum Coherence Essential Oil Blend
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