Is “Light” Being Continually Released from your Body’s Cells?

Yes! “Light” or more specifically “biophotons” (the scientific name for minuscule packets of “light”) are, in fact, being continually released from your body’s cells. At your very core, it is now known that your body is essentially a “being of light”!

In the 1970s, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and his scientific team at the University of Marburg began researching the fascinating subject of biophotons. They were eventually able to demonstrate that biophotons, as ultra-weak photon emissions (UPEs), were released by the body’s cells – all of the cells!

Trillions of Cells with 100,000s of Reactions!

Your body contains literally trillions of cells. In only one second of time, just one of your cells is typically involved in over 100,000 chemical reactions. Now think of ALL the cells in your body undergoing ALL these chemical reactions on a continual basis. As you can see, there is a massive amount of cellular activity taking place in your body at any one time – it’s almost incomprehensible. How can your body coordinate all these biological reactions?

Ahh, biophotons to the rescue!

Popp’s Amazing Biophoton Research

The pioneering work of Dr. Popp and his team has forever transformed our understanding of the body’s amazing “light” chemistry, based on biophoton emissions, and heretofore undiscovered roles they play in creating and maintaining a healthy body. These far-seeing scientists helped us to understand that these luminescent biphotons being emitted from our cells are composed of highly coherent light energy frequencies.

In fact, Popp’s research showed that the symphony of our cells is able to send and receive messages (via biophotons) faster than the speed of light! These intelligent frequencies appear to be responsible, at the highest operational levels of our bodies, for governing our overall biological systems.

You can see why these new concepts – proven by Popp and his team -- caused quite a stir in the scientific community which had previously accepted a more static, linear view of the body’s biochemistry.

The Glow of Jellyfish

Have you ever seen a jellyfish “light up” with glowing colors or a firefly in the evening emitting a beautiful “glitter” of light? If so, you have seen the bioluminescence effect in nature, where certain species can emit perceptible light.

Our own cells fall into a similar realm of bioluminescence where they also emit light -- except the light released from our human cells is invisible to the naked eye (except for a few rare individuals able to perceive these high-frequency radiations). Dr. Popp and his team were able to measure and quantify these biophoton emissions with carefully calibrated scientific equipment.

Dr. Maybuov’s Biophoton Research

An insightful Russian scientist, Sergey Mayburov, observed that eggs from fish and frogs released biophotons that communicated with each other in short, synchronized, quasi-periodic bursts.

His previous experiments showed that fish eggs which had been stored in different locations were able to coordinate their growth and development with each other through the use of specialized biophotons.

This is another example of how the light emitted from cells (“biophotons”) is able to carry sophisticated information that affected other biological systems in the environment. This certainly alters mainstream concepts about how the body’s biological systems truly work.

Coherence vs. Incoherence

Biophotons are characterized by light coherence which is composed of highly structured and organized frequencies of light. Think of an orchestra where all the players are playing instruments with the same rhythm. When the music is synchronized, it is harmonious and pleasant to listen to. That’s coherence.

Now, picture a few orchestra members who are way “off the beat,” playing at different speeds. This discordant music sounds chaotic – not pleasant at all. That’s incoherence.

The goal of your cells’ continual release of biophotons is to create coherence in your body’s orchestra of all its parts – to build the most harmonious, healthy body.

Fascinating DNA “After Effects”

Dr. Peter Gariaev, another Russian scientist, placed some human DNA inside a tiny quartz container and then zapped it with a mild laser (which emits a genuine coherent form of light). The DNA acted like a sponge that absorbed the laser’s light frequencies, storing them for up to 30 days inside an unusual cork-screw-shaped spiral. Even more interesting is that Dr. Gariaev found that after he removed the quartz vial with the DNA, his machines still detected photons of light that were spiraling in the same cork-screw spiral as if the DNA were still present. This “phantom” spiral seemed to persist for another 30 days.

Dr. Gariaev’s work suggests that as-yet-undiscovered forces act to hold the DNA light emissions in place. Does your own cellular DNA exchange information (in the form of light frequencies) with the external energy field that it is located in? In essence, this appears to be the case. The biophoton effect of our bodies is like a giant energy antenna that is able to constantly send and receive signals by interacting with the external biofield around it.

“Frohlich Frequencies”

Dr. Herbert Frohlich (1905-1991), a British physicist who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics, believed that radiation and oscillating waves were responsible for synchronizing the body’s cell divisions and sending chromosomal instructions to various parts of the body.

He found that a collective body vibration or frequency was responsible for getting the body’s proteins to cooperate with each other and to carry out the instructions of cellular DNA. He called these “Frohlich frequencies.”

Frohlich’s research showed that once energy reached a certain threshold, cells began to vibrate in unison until they reached a high level of coherence. Once cells reached this state of coherence, they could take on certain remarkable qualities of quantum mechanics, including non-locality -- or the ability to interact with the external field (the environment) they were located in.

What does it all mean?

This fascinating research inspires us to all want to maximize our own biophotonic energy field. The ability of the body’s cells to emit biophotons – both in quantity and frequency – all seems to boil down to essentially one thing.

That “one thing” is the quality of our environment and physical nourishment. To brilliantly feed our personal “body of light,” we recommend that each person diligently evaluates and consumes the highest quality food and nutritional supplements that they can find.

Personal Biofield Testing

In our professional workshops, we demonstrate how you can test the body’s biofield (associated with its quantum biofield emission) so that each individual can experience the most significant positive changes directly correlated with their health outcomes