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  1. Beetroot – Hard to Beat for Cardio-Metabolic Support

    Beets for Cardio Metabolic Support

    Beetroot – Hard to Beat for Cardio-Metabolic Support

    In the realm of functional foods, beetroot emerges as a vibrant contender with promising implications for cardio-metabolic health. Packed with a medley of bioactive compounds, beetroot offers more than just a colorful addition to our plates. For healthcare professionals navigating the intricate landscape of metabolic disorders, understanding the myriad benefits of beetroot can offer a potent tool in the nutritional arsenal. From modulating blood glucose and blood pressure to fortifying microbiome health, beets provide a symphony of benefits that echo the future of dietary interventions in metabolic health. As we guide our patients towards improved metabolic health, it's paramount to spotlight beetroot as a synergistic functional food and dietary supplement, best optimized within the context of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

  2. Beets, Betalains, Blood Pressure, Oh My!

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    Beets, Betalains, Blood Pressure, Oh My!

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of death worldwide, and it is imperative that health care practitioners stay up to date on the latest research and recommendations for reducing CVD risk. Beetroot (Beta vulgaris), a vibrantly colored root vegetable related to spinach and quinoa, is now recognized as a functional food and has been extensively researched for its potential impact on cardiovascular health. Discover reasons why people need the most of a vegetable they may like the least.

  3. Taming Oxidative Stress with Tocotrienols

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    Taming Oxidative Stress with Tocotrienols

    Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality globally. The fire of all chronic illness begins with the spark of inflammation, and it is fueled by vulnerable, undernourished cell membranes. We are only as healthy as our cell membranes, the building blocks of tissues, organs, and body systems. Antioxidant therapy has been proposed as a potential intervention that may reduce the incidence of heart failure. Learn about how tocotrienols, considered the vitamin E of the 21st century, may be a missing ingredient in a heart healthy wellness plan

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