The Quantum Field: The Secret Behind Quantum Health

Einstein once said: “. . . the field is the only reality.” 

We are standing on the brink of a scientific revolution – a daring emergence of new ideas in science that challenges everything we believe about how our world and our bodies work.  

What scientists have now discovered is no less than astonishing! At the very core of our human bodies, we are NOT essentially a group of chemical reactions, but a being of coordinated electromagnetic charges within a Quantum Energy Field. All living things, including our bodies, are a coalescence of pristine, pulsing energy that lives and performs within this huge Quantum Energy Field -- it connects all of us and all things in our world.  

Because this dynamic energy field engulfs us completely, it is like a central operating engine underlying our very being. This field directs the growth and development of the organs and glands in our bodies, signals the maturing of our higher brain functions and guides our hearts, memories and consciousness.  

It is this Quantum Energy Field that is the force behind all health or illness – not merely microbes and genes. For healing to take place, this force must always be tapped and applied.

As Albert Einstein, a famous physicist who won the Nobel Prize (in 1921), once said: “There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.” 

Thus, we entered the domain of Quantum Physics.  

Quantum Physics 

The brilliant pioneers of Quantum Physics peered into the very depth of matter and saw that the tiniest particles of matter were NOT even matter – they were subatomic particles that had no meaning as isolated units – they only had meaning when related to everything else. In other words, we could only understand the universe and its subdivisions as a dynamic interconnection within the Quantum Energy Field.  

These talented pioneers – including Albert Einstein, Fritz-Albert Popp, Max Planck, Erwin Schrodiner, Werner Heisenberg, Neils Bohr and others – wanted to answer the question: “How can electrons be in touch with everything else in the universe – all at once?” Eventually, they realized that their equations all had a unifying base layer that could NOT be subtracted out.  

The Zero Point Field 

This basic element was the Zero Point Field --- it was the most fundamental nature of all matter -- one vast Quantum Energy Field -- an enormous sea of energy, pulsing and vibrating, that we all live within.  

They discovered that human beings are all made of the same basic material. At the most fundamental level, all living beings (including humans) are composed of billions of packets of quantum energy that are continuously exchanging information with this limitless, ever-present sea of energy.  

Their discoveries were extraordinary – and radical. They challenged the revered, basic laws physics and biology. But through their scientific experiments, they were able to show that indeed, it appears that a Zero Point Field – an essential life force -- does stream through the universe continuously.   

Their vision is life-enhancing for all of us. The Zero Point Field can empower us to see that we are no longer separate from others and our environment; we are not on the outside of the universe, looking in. Instead, we exist within this vast system as an essential part of it. And this includes how the body undergoes healing.  

The Quantum Health Effect 

We can use this Quantum Energy Field model in health and healing. In traditional Oriental scientific belief, life is seen as an immense web that moves and undulates in response to various inputs. An action in one part of the web causes effects (positive or negative) in other parts of the web. Clearly, for the best outcomes, inputs must be carefully chosen.  

In the human body, we find the greatest health response occurs when therapeutic nutrients or botanical agents are used in their natural, whole forms. These whole forms allow the body to receive the original complex of constituents of the herb/nutrient in its complete, integrated matrix.  

We believe this is able to deliver the most magnificent health effects – it allows the whole matrix (of plants and nutrients) to maximally interact with the quantum matrix of the human body. We find that this is the principal way that you can experience the Quantum Health Effect in your own life’s journey.  


The Quantum Health Effect: 

Your complete foundation for a healthy life!